Preventive Measures for Safe and Healthy Work Practices of Tomorrow

Digitalization, industry 4.0 and demographic change – the working world is changing rapidly. It becomes more digital, more connected and more flexible. Therefore, prevention alliances from scientific institutions, business partners, and social partners investigate topics that are of increasing importance in a dynamic and digitalized workplace. The prevention alliances are grouped in 30 projects which belong to the funding priority "Preventive Measures for Safe and Healthy Work Practices of Tomorrow” and are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA) accompanies the research projects.

Measures and Recommendations for Healthy Work Practices of Tomorrow (MEgA)

The aim of the project "Measures and Recommendations for Healthy Work Practices of Tomorrow” ("Maßnahmen und Empfehlungen für die gesunde Arbeit von morgen” in German, abbreviated MEgA) is to develop a comprehensive concept for promoting health-related measures in an increasingly digitalized workplace.

MEgA is also the accompanying project of the BMBF’s funding priority "Preventive Measures for Safe and Healthy Work Practices of Tomorrow” and is responsible for coordinating the 30 nationwide projects belonging to the funding priority. The project enables  fast  exchange  of  information between  the  economic,  political  and  research  stakeholders  by  means  of  networks  and communication  platforms. You can download more in-depth information about MEgA here.

Funding priority and collaborative projects

The 30 collaborative projects aim to develop and implement applied approaches for a prevention-oriented work design in the light of the current digital and demographic change. The research scope includes topics such as occupational health and safety, competency development, the use of robot assistance systems in the care sector, or reconciling family, work, and leisure in the digitalized world of work.

The projects work together in thematic focus groups:

  • Innovative Leadership and Prevention-Oriented Human Resources Development
  • New Approaches to Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Services Sector
  • Occupational Health and Safety through Preventive Alliances
  • Individualized and Preventive Job Design
  • Healthy Work Through Innovative Forms of Work and Assistance Systems

You can download an overview of the projects here.

Contact for further information:

Karlheinz Sonntag